autocreate: We need "auto=init"!

Peer Heinlein p.heinlein at
Fri May 13 10:30:00 UTC 2016

There had been several discussions about the common problem, that
there's need for a autocreate-function that creates mailboxes ONLY for
new users that had never been logged in before.

The reason: Existing users already HAVE "special folders" with localized
names. Creating "standard names" at every login will produce confusion,
because then they have multiple Sent-Folders and aren't be able to
delete them, because they'll always be recreated.

I would love to have:

1) auto = init
Create the folders ONLY if the whole Storage-Folder (e.g.: ~/Maildir or
e.g. `/mdbox) is create (=creation of the INBOX itself). Don't create
any folder if the main INBOX already exists. Since there has to be a
hook to autoreate a non-existing INBOX it should be able to use this
action to also create the folders with auto=init at the same time.

2) auto by type
Create that "special folder" only if no other special folder exists. If
we have "Sent" and "Sent Items" we could set "mailbox Sent {
auto=create-by-type }" so this folder will only be created if no other
"\Sent"  folder (like "Sent Items") already exists. Dovecot could make
sure, that there is AT LEAST ONE or JUST ONE of the special folder
\Draft, \Trahs, \Sent.

Personally: I would prefere (1) -- and that's what several users already
requestet here at the list in the last two years.

Function (1) is the only way to change the behavior on a complex,
already running system with existing users. That's the way how to
introduce new folders for new users without breaking everything for
existing users.

Any chance for us the get this?


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