Dovecot configuration: Home dir not found

Divakar BM bmdivakar at
Mon May 16 08:54:56 UTC 2016

I've my mail solution configured on Server-A with webmail, Dovecot and
Postfix. I'm trying to deploy only Dovecot and postfix on Server-B to
reduce IMAP/POP3/SMTP load on server-A. Please note server-B does not
mailboxes. It should be mapped to mailboxes on server-A. While the LDAP
query from Server-B to Server-A is going successfully, the imap service on
Server-B is throwing the below error.

imap(user at Debug: Home dir not found: /mail/vmail/**/

I guess imap is looking for *home dir* in server-B. How do I tel the imap
that home dir is on server-A and not server-B.

Please let me know if there exists a configuration parameter for the above..


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