synchronous replication based on priority

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Wed May 18 15:32:31 UTC 2016


i see in this page 

"Optionally the replication plugin can also support synchronous 
replication of new mail deliveries. In this way it connects to 
replication-notify UNIX socket, tells it to replicate the user with sync 
(=highest) priority and waits until it is done or 
replication_sync_timeout occurs. The IMAP/LMTP client won't see an "OK" 
reply until the mail is replicated (or the replication has failed). The 
synchronous replication probably adds a noticeable delay, so it might 
not be acceptable for IMAP, but might be for LMTP."

is this fonctionnality effective for LMTP ? If so, where is the config ? 
The wiki says that replication is asynchronous.

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