Growing number of dovecot processes

John Oliver joliver at
Mon May 23 17:16:44 UTC 2016

OS is CentOS 6, dovecot-2.0.9-19

Just started using this server as a replacement for an old Debian server
running an old dovecot.  The number of dovecot processes just grows and
grows until there are 100 concurrent login processes (we have maybe 40
or 50 users), and then nobody can log in any more.  A reload resets, but
the number of stuck processes climbs very quickly.

We're authenticating against an OpenLDAP.

Unfortunately, this system is not connected to the Internet so I cannot
paste logs or output of commands.  I've been Googling, but aren't
hitting on the right phrase to describe this issue to uncover possible
answers :-(  If anyone can get me pointed in the right direction, I'd
appreciate it.

* John Oliver                    *
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