autoexpunge clarification

Philon bytesplit at
Thu Sep 1 11:56:17 UTC 2016

Hi Michael

you are correct I guess based on your assumptions.

autoexpunge kicks in on user interaction either by email delivery or a user checking in. If both does not occour then no cleanup will happen.

Question would be if there is that much to cleanup in this case. A user not logging in for long time and not receiving any emails… seems inactive to me. Ok, he might have put all his mails to the trash and this was not emptied before he went for his sabatical. But the use case seems to be in the n<10 range!? A monthly cronjob could be sufficent in this case?

I’m quite happy with the expire plugin and SQL timestamping. Using this the cronjob only checks through the listed folders and not all users. Slim approach! And for me a cleanup once per day is at least currently more than enough.


> Am 31.08.2016 um 17:44 schrieb Michael Fox <news at>:
> Thanks Philon,
> I did read the extra bullets, as indicated in my email below.  But your "When the user quits and thus closes his mailbox/connection" is more clear than "after the client is already disconnected", since the latter is really anytime, rather than at the time they quit.
> I can guess that the bulletin about LMTP similarly means at the end of each time LMTP delivers mail to the mailbox.
> Assuming that is true, then the problem I see with autoexpunge is that it doesn't address the case of a user that has not logged in nor received mail in that mailbox for the specified time.  Those messages would apparently stay forever.  Correct?
> And, if that's true, then the cron job seems like the only way to expunge all old messages.  Correct?
> Thanks,
> Michael

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