Sieve Script Replication Gliches (Report #2)

Reuben Farrelly reuben-dovecot at
Wed Sep 7 09:44:42 UTC 2016

On 24/08/2016 10:58 AM, Stephan Bosch wrote:
> Op 8/1/2016 om 3:37 AM schreef Reuben Farrelly:
>> In other words, the rules did eventually get propagated across, and
>> based on the file sizes they are complete.
>> But there is obviously something amiss with handling of dates (which
>> in turn may relate to how the system determines that the file on each
>> server is up to date or not, I guess).  In this case the two systems
>> are in different timezones - the primary is GMT+10 and the secondary
>> GMT+8.
>> Also the status of active users is not always replicated either.  On
>> one host the output of 'doveadm sieve list -A' shows my own account as
>> ACTIVE but the other host shows all users - except for my account - as
>> being active, and the sieve script for my account is not being
>> replicated.
> This should fix the file timestamps getting set at unix time_t 0:
> I haven't been able to replicate the situation where this occurs though,
> since my current replication setup is very simple.
> I need to extend my replication setup to test this more thoroughly.
> So, please test this at your end first.
> Regards,
> Stephan.

Thanks Stephan.  I have re-tested and the dates are now all look to be 
correct on the replicated scripts.  We can cross that off as fixed now.

There is still a problem with the scripts not being replicated though 
between replicated hosts.  They do eventually catch up many hours 
later.  I don't know what the trigger is for them updating but it's not 
triggered by delivery attempts (as every time a delivery was attempted 
the secondary complained about the missing sieve script).


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