Use of obox2 and AWS S3

Karol Augustin karol at
Sat Sep 10 21:27:52 UTC 2016

On 2016-09-01 2:59, Raymond Sellars wrote:

> Any one running a dovecot solution within AWS in general? Interested
> in best practice for the storage layer. Although NFS is possible its
> not really optimised for elastic cloud type hosting.
> Thanks
> Raymond

Hi Raymond,

I am using dovecot on EC2 instance with EFS storage backend. As the
initial performance is bad it scales pretty quickly with space used. So
it handles maildir storage very well. The latency is a little high but
with indexes there is no problem.

It works as NFS storage with unlimited space (8EB) and you pay for what
you use. So it turns out to be very cost effective as you do not have to
worry about reserving space.

For better performance you can keep indexes on ephermal storage or EBS,
which both have much lower access times.

As for 'elastic cloud type hosting' EFS store can be used by thousands
of instances in multiple AWS AZs at the same time, so it looks like it
is somehow optimized.


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