Panic: file auth-request.c

Chris Wik chris at
Mon Sep 19 17:23:23 UTC 2016

From:   Tanstaafl <tanstaafl at> 

 To:   <dovecot at> 
 Sent:   19/09/2016 5:44 PM 
 Subject:   Re: Panic: file auth-request.c 

On 9/17/2016 2:15 PM, Chris Wik <chris at> wrote: 
> So we upgraded to a new CentOS 7 server with SSD RAID, fast CPUs and 
> tons of RAM. No more load problems. We compiled the latest dovecot 
> from source (as the version from CentOS yum repo is already quite 
> old, figure we might as well run the latest version since we were 
> upgrading anyway). 
Then on 9/18/2016 6:50 AM, Chris Wik <chris at> wrote: 
> In my local source of 2.2.5, 
Latest dovecot version is 2.2.25 - or was that (hopefully) a typo?

Yes, typo, sorry.

I have 2.2.25 sources and the line numbers don't match the diff.

We'll wait for 2.2.26, unless someone from Dovecot would like us to test the patch? In which case I'll try removing the 2 lines and recompiling and see if it works.


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