Director keeping IMAP connections alive

Webert de Souza Lima webert.boss at
Wed Sep 21 16:16:17 UTC 2016


I have a 2 director - 2 dovecot set up in a cluster.

>From time to time I notice high usage of RAM by dovecot process, and
analyzing with doveadm who,
I see many users with dozens, even hundreds of PIDs.

Inspecting those PIDs I see each one of them is an IMAP connection, coming
from either director process, and ESTABILISHED.

A deeper analysis shows me that there ltos of connections from the same
users to BOTH dovecot instances, but as I am using director, this shouldn't
happen, right? Ok. The thing is, one of the dovecot instances have only old
connections (like 3 days old) and the other dovecot have some old and some
newer connections.

So, director is redirecting recent connections to the right dovecot, as
expected, but it is keeping many of old and unused connections open,
consuming resources.

output of doveconf -n from dovecot:

output of doveconf -n from director:


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