Logging of custom mail headers

Francesco Fiore francesco.fiore at par-tec.it
Thu Sep 22 07:51:01 UTC 2016

Hi all

> Hi,
> I need to configure Dovecot to log some custom mail headers.
> I red the documentation of the mail_log plugin but I didn't found which
> field I've to use as value for mail_log_fields parameter.
> So, I red the plugin code but in mail-log-plugin.c there're defined only
> "from" and "subject" fields that match some email header.
> I found three alternatives:
> 1. use the mail_filter plugin (spawning a new process, ecc.)
> 2. coding a new plugin using the notify plugin
> 3. propose a patch to the mail_log plugin that use a new configuration
> parameter (es. mail_log_headers) and log the specified mail headers
> Which is the better solution for you?
Any suggestion?
Is the devel team interested to this feature? In this case I could
propose a patch on github.
> Thanks in advance
> Francesco

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