configure fail if libssl is named libssl-opt

A. Schulze sca at
Sun Sep 25 16:23:00 UTC 2016


I try to build dovecot with my own version of openssl. It's compiled in a way the libraries can coexist without symbol conflict with
the real OpenSSL in /usr: They are named libssl-opt and libcrypto-opt.

Now configure fail to find my libssl-opt:

    CFLAGS="..." CXXFLAGS="..." CPPFLAGS="..." LDFLAGS="..." SSL_LIBS='-lssl-opt -lcrypto-opt' ./configure ... --with-ssl=openssl
    checking for SSL_read in -lssl... no
    configure: error: Can't build with OpenSSL: libssl not found

Is there an other way to tell configure the ssl libraries have other names?


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