Setting hostdomain

Arie Peterson ariep at
Sun Sep 25 18:34:30 UTC 2016

Hi all,

Preparing for a replication setup, I read (at the bottom of 
<>) that `dovecot --hostdomain` should 
give a different output on the two servers. This is not the case for me: both 
give "localhost". I'm trying to change my configuration to set the hostdomain 
to another value, but I can't find how to do this.

I tried:

• setting the environment variable DOVECOT_HOSTDOMAIN=mydomain in 
/etc/default/dovecot (which is read by the init script);

• adding the line
import_environment = TZ DOVECOT_HOSTDOMAIN=mydomain
to dovecot.conf;

• the combination of both of the above.

However, after restarting dovecot none of these changes seem to have any 
effect: `dovecot --hostdomain` still returns "localhost".

This is with dovecot version 2.2.13.

How should one change this setting?



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