dovecot is moving messages to spam

Webert de Souza Lima webert.boss at
Wed Sep 28 13:15:25 UTC 2016


is there any dovecot rule settings besides X-Spam-Flag header? Can it move
messages via IMAP?

I have a message that is being moved to spam folder after delivered in the
INBOX but it has no X-Spam-Flag and it's not beeing done by the user (I
changed his password, suspended his account and made his login impossible).

This happens only when certain "FROM" address is present in the body, like
the following message (sent via telnet):

From:<some.guy at some.domain>
Subject: Test


Dovecot logs:

Sep 28 13:08:00 lmtp(my.user at my.domain): Info: OOKlA3rA61dNbwAAkzG9Ng:
sieve: msgid=unspecified: stored mail into mailbox 'INBOX'

Sep 28 13:08:01 imap(my.user at my.domain): Info: copy from INBOX:
box=INBOX.Spam, uid=154, msgid=, size=340, subject=Test

Sep 28 13:08:01 imap(my.user at my.domain): Info: expunge: box=INBOX,
uid=18147, msgid=, size=340, subject=Test

Thanks in advance

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