migrate Maildir to mdbox

Tamas Papp tkpapp at gmail.com
Tue May 2 09:51:05 EEST 2017


I replaced HDDs in my home server and reinstalled the OS (Ubuntu
17.04). Since I had some time I reviewed my Dovecot configuration and
changed a couple of things, including mailbox format.

Now I would like to migrate e-mail (about 20G -- I use this server as an
e-mail archive). The Maildir is available on the (old) hard disk.  The
new dovecot is running. What should I use? Would mbsync work? I would
prefer a solution that does not mess up the UUIDs, but I can live with
that too.

$ dovecot --version
2.2.27 (c0f36b0)

Incidentally, would you recommend sdbox or mdbox? Lots of e-mails, many
of them have large attachments.



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