ACL and virtual user

Davide Marchi danjde at
Mon May 15 20:19:26 EEST 2017

...I had under my eyes the solution I have not seen:

* user=foo lrw
Public user=bar lrwstipekxa
Public/* user=bar lrwstipekxa

I was enough (in my case) add the initial  "*" wildcards, like this:

* user=info at lrwsi

where the "*" wildcards means all groups.

I have verified and so the configuration is perfect, the user can not 
delete their own messages

The fact remains that on the wiki dovecot ACL these steps, in the case 
of virtual users, are not clear, at least in my opinion.  :-)

I hope at least that my experience can be of assistance to other users.

Many many thanks!


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