per user procmail filtering and dovecot-lda

Rick Romero rick at
Thu May 18 23:43:54 EEST 2017

  Quoting Kenneth Porter <shiva at>:

> On 5/17/2017 11:26 AM, Adam Shostack wrote:
>> Also, procmail is way out of date, no longer maintained, and there are
>> "semi" known vulnerabilities that haven't been fixed.  See
>>  & the
>> wikipedia page.
> What alternatives exist for server-side filtering into folders? Is  
> there anything as powerful?

Sieve works great.  I currently do some header modification in  
Procmail, then pipe to a LMTP script to deliver to Dovecot-LMTP and  
then filter into the Spam folder via Sieve...

It cuts down on NFS writes on ZFS pools.


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