[imaptest] Explaining errors

aduprat aduprat at linagora.com
Tue May 23 12:10:43 EEST 2017


I'm an Apache James committer and we are curious to use imaptest in 
order to validate our IMAP protocol implementation.
I'm using the nightlybuild : imaptest-20170506

I follow the examples given in the /T/ /est IMAP server compliancy/ 
examples https://imapwiki.org/ImapTest/Examples.

And I wanted to analyse the errors reported, here are some:
Error: user1 at james.org[11]: seq too high (16 > 15, state=APPEND): * 16 
FETCH (BODY[HEADER.FIELDS (In-Reply-To From) ] "From: 
marcelo at carpa.ciagri.usp.br")
Error: user1 at james.org[14]: seq too high (26 > 25, state=APPEND): * 26 
FETCH (MODSEQ (6068) FLAGS (\Answered \Draft \Flagged))
Error: user1 at james.org[14]: seq too high (20 > 16, state=APPEND): * 20 
Error: user10 at james.org[18]: Keyword used without being in FLAGS: 
$Label1: * 1 FETCH (MODSEQ (8) FLAGS (\Answered \Deleted \Draft $Label1 
Error: Checkpoint: Total RECENT count 6 larger than current message count 3
Warning: Disabling \Recent flag tracking
Error: user1 at james.org[5]: Owned flag changed: \Deleted: * 7 FETCH 
(FLAGS (\Answered \Deleted \Recent $Label2))
Error: user1 at james.org[5]: STORE didn't return FETCH FLAGS for seq 18 
(expunged=yes): 5.75 OK STORE completed.
Error: user1 at james.org[1]: SEARCH result missing seq 2 (uid 0): 1.13 OK 
SEARCH completed.
Error: Keyword '$Label1' dropped, but it still had 1 references

Do you have a link explaining what are those failures ?
Is there a report by IMAP command giving us an idea about our compliancy ?

Do you allow us to communicate about such tests, for example:
- in news http://james.apache.org/#posts ?
- in medium article ?

We also would like to have James mentioned in the servers status page 
How may we help you for that ?

Thanks in advance,

Antoine Duprat
Développeur LGS/OBM/R&D
Committer/PMC Apache James


74-80 rue Roque de Fillol
92800 Puteaux

+33 (0)8 10 25 12 51
+33 (0)6 45 63 27 17
aduprat at linagora.com


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