When will passdb callback to mechanism yield PASSDB_RESULT_NEXT?

Peter Mogensen apm at b-one.net
Sat May 27 23:02:31 EEST 2017


code question...

I've been trying to figure out the implications of the new 
"noauthenticate" passdb field.

Internally it causes a passdb to result in PASSDB_RESULT_NEXT.

When a SASL mechanism calls 
auth_request_lookup_credentials(...,callback) the passdb result is 
passed to the callback.

But I can't really figure out when that result will ever be 
PASSDB_RESULT_NEXT. It seems the passdb fallthrough resolver will always 
replace it with PASSDB_RESULT_INTERNAL_FAILURE if it ends up being the 
last result.

Can it ever leak into the callback or is it an internal intermediate 
value or the passdb resolver?


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