v2.2.30 released

Joseph Tam jtam.home at gmail.com
Wed May 31 22:56:46 EEST 2017

Timo wrote:

>>> + If dovecot.index.cache corruption is detected, reset only the one
>>>  corrupted mail instead of the whole file.
>> Is this a big performance win?  I still have users with jumbo mailboxes
>> who insist on direct mailbox file access using procmail or mail readers,
>> which trigger index rebuilds when dovecot accesses them.
> What does Dovecot log then? But probably doesn't affect that.  It's
> only when Dovecot logs something about dovecot.index.cache corruption
> that this helps.

It logs stuff like this

 	(Lots of this ...)
 	May 26 15:22:50 server dovecot: pop3(user): Warning: Transaction log file /{cachedir}/dovecot.index.log was locked for 43 seconds (rotating while syncing)
 	May 27 16:57:18 server dovecot: imap(user): Warning: Transaction log file /{cachedir}/dovecot.index.log was locked for 105 seconds (Mailbox was synchronized)

 	(... and some this this ...)
 	May 26 15:43:07 server dovecot: imap(user): Error: Next message unexpectedly corrupted in mbox file /var/mail/user at 9627641

 	(... but very rarely this ...)
 	May  8 17:05:59 server dovecot: imap(user): Error: Corrupted index cache file /{cachedir}/dovecot.index.cache: Broken virtual size for mail UID 12032 in mailbox INBOX: read(/var/mail/user): FETCH BODY[] got too little data: 6199 vs 6201

>From what you say, the changes would only affects the latter, so no big change.
Thanks for the info.

Joseph Tam <jtam.home at gmail.com>

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