Use of separate storage for mail delivery

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I am facing one issue which is mostly about concepts. I have to be clear on
that to move forward. I have tried finding solutions about it but couldn't
find anything which talks about it.

We have a setup which includes postfix and dovecot. We are using lmtp and
delivery of mail is happening through dovecot. We want that delivery of
mail should happen in a separate node. I was able to achieve it through
lmtp by providing ip address and using port 24.

But now I have been asked to just try to deliver to a separate storage
medium and not node. That means it will have an ip address but no dovecot
or other software running. This is in relation to incorporation of storage
area network (SAN) later on.

Is it possible? I thought there must be some way as many running mail
systems are using message store and SAN. All i can find that was close was
mailbox sharing and email archiving.

Please help me about this as I have already spent 3 days to it with no
luck. I just want the right direction to move forward on this.

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