Dsync from multiple IMAPs -- personal/local dovecot setup

Kim ALLAMANDOLA kim-nmml at kfx.fr
Fri Apr 6 21:18:27 EEST 2018

Hello list,
new aspiring user here, if I'm not in the wright place sorry,
I do not fund any other option for now...

As from subject I'm looking for a *personal* *standalone*
dovecot setup, especially I'm looking for a DSync from multiple
IMAP accounts to a local maildir (to being compatible with notmuch).

My actual mail setup is:
  OfflineIMAP that sync different mailboxes in a personal taxonomy
  and notmuch-emacs + various scripts as MUA. Local postfix just to
  avoid emacs freeze during send, muchsync to support

It does work but is slow, buggy and sometime complicated to kept up
to date (I have many homegrow spaghetti-code scripts and snippets
in zsh, elisp, python etc stratified in years). My dream is switch
to a local Dovecot that DSync from multiple IMAPs instead of
OfflineIMAP, with sieve filters instead of homegrow scripts that
wrap notmuch search --output=files | xargs ...

For the MUA part I'd like to stick with notmuch. So my questions are:
is possible to dsync from multiple IMAPS to a maildir? if yes does
dovecot accept physical messages moves if I refile (archive etc) them
via notmuch?



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