Lmtp issues on dovecot 2.3.x with big messages

Michael Tratz michael at esosoft.com
Mon Apr 16 20:57:04 EEST 2018

> >> Messages are being sent to dovecot LMTP by postfix. If I change this email
> >> to another server with dovecot 2.2.x the same message are delivered
> >> immediately.
> > Confirmed. Starts to fail here around 30Mb. Tested with Swaks.
> >
> > Working on a fix...
> Problem found. It is an explicit limit of 40Mb (for the 30Mb I saw in my
> tests, there was also a base64 encoding I forgot about).
> Will fix both the unhelpful error and the fact that there should be no
> limit (currently) for LMTP.


I’m having the same issue with LMTP and large messages with dovecot 2.3.x. Can you tell me which commit fixes this issue? I looked through the GitHub commits, but it’s not clear to me which commit fixes this issue. I’d like to apply the patch and re-compile dovecot for my machines instead of having to downgrade to 2.2.35.



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