maildir vs dbox?

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Fri Apr 20 08:37:29 EEST 2018

With NFS, mdbox can be a lot faster solution, but it does require
backups. Mostly because \Seen flag is lost if you lose all indexes. The
actual mails can be reconstructed.


On 20.04.2018 07:48, DurgaPrasad - DatasoftComnet wrote:
> I'm facing some issues on mdbox based backups. Backups are failing with dbox corruption messages. SiS is the greatest advantage though. However backups integrity is very important. If SiS/Deduplication is not a requirement stick to Maildir.
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>> I am wondering if changing to dbox would be beneficial?
> It can be faster when a user deletes or moves a large number of messages.
> One reason why I migrated a few sites is that when reporting issues with maildir on this list, there seems to be lack of interest in fixing them. In that regard, it can be seen as a safer choice.
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