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Aki Tuomi aki.tuomi at
Fri Aug 3 09:34:06 EEST 2018


We are giving the following end of life (EOL) statements:

For any version before 2.2, we are not going to be providing any patches
or fixes. This has been the case before, but we are now officially
declaring them EOL.

For 2.2 versions, we are going to provide security and critical bug
fixes for 2.2.36 only. If you are using 2.2.x version prior to .36, we
will not be providing anything other than critical security fixes.

This means that if you are experiencing a problem with Dovecot, we need
you to upgrade into latest 2.3 release and reproduce the problem there.
If this happens, please file a bug report and we are more than happy to
take a look!

If you are using a 2.2.x version packaged from an Operating System
Vendor, please open a bug against them for fixing it.   We do not
provide patches or bug fixes against these OS Vendor specific releases.

2.3.x is the current main release, which will receive feature, bug and
security patches. We accept bug reports against latest 2.3 version or
master version of Dovecot.

If you need packages for 2.3, please see

Thank you for using Dovecot!

Note: Users with a commercial agreement with Open-Xchange (Dovecot Pro)
have a separate EOL policy, so this announcement does not apply to those

Aki Tuomi
Open-Xchange Oy

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