[trees-plugin] - Dovecot index gets corrupted, when using maildir and recievend and accessing mail at the same time

Stephan Bosch stephan at rename-it.nl
Thu Aug 9 20:35:58 EEST 2018

Op 09/08/2018 om 19:29 schreef neutron:
> Follow up:
> cmouse from #dovecot pointed out, that this was a dovecot bug which is
> already fixed in newer dovecot versions. Thank you!
> With dovecot 2.2.34 (current debian backports version), I can not
> reproduce the error.
> So my last, "bug unrelated" question remains:
>> 4.) Is there a tool, with which you can export and import mail to the
>> same inbox?
>> Background: After activation for an existing mail user, only new
>> outgoing and incoming mail is encrypted. So it would be necessary to
>> "re-save" the existing mail again in this mailbox, to pipe all mails
>> through the encryption process.
>> I know that there is dsync, imapsync and several different tools, but
>> I'm not sure what is the best tool for the job, or if I should use dsync
>> to do a 3 way sync?

Maybe this could help:


No idea whether it would work with that plugin though.



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