Userdb by directory lookup

Miloslav Hůla miloslav.hula at
Thu Aug 30 11:15:09 EEST 2018

One day, I'll use the LDAP. But infrastructure I got is quite neglected 
and some older admins is hard to convince to innovate. Just, aaaaah :)

I read whole documentation related to userdb a and passdb. Easy to 
understand with relation to IMAP or POP3 access. But what I didn't 
understand is relation to LMTP. Which one is used and when for 
successful delivery.

I'll try to move those settings as global.

Thank you, Milo

Dne 2018-08-30 v 09:32 Aki Tuomi napsal(a):
> Is there some reason why you cannot use LDAP as userdb? Those uid / gid
> / home parameters can be also provided as global settings like
> mail_uid=vmail
> mail_gid=vmail
> mail_home=/data/vmail/user/%n
> Aki
> On 29.08.2018 23:12, Miloslav Hůla wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I have the Dovecot (2.2.27-3+deb9u2) with LMTP and Postfix. Static
>> userdb:
>> userdb {
>>    driver = static
>>    args = uid=vmail gid=vmail home=/data/vmail/user/%n allow_all_users=yes
>> }
>> and passdb by LDAP, only to verify IMAP user password by bind.
>> Problem is, when someone sends email to non-existent at mydomain.tld,
>> Dovecot automatically creates its home directory and Maildir.
>> Is there any way how deliver only when /data/vmail/user/%n directory
>> already exists, and reject otherwise?
>> When I remove allow_all_users=yes, LMTP stops to deliver at all with
>> 550 code. I probably understand why, but I cannot figure how to solve
>> it. I cannot use LDAP to user lookup.
>> Milo

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