Dovecot on CentOS 7

John Rowan john.j.rowan.jr at
Tue Jul 10 19:17:23 EEST 2018

I guess I've been lucky.  My Red Hat server I built in 2003 finally gave up
the ghost yesterday.  Fifteen years with almost zero problems running
7x24.  Now I'm trying to build a basic server to host my e-mail using
CentOS 7, Sendmail and Dovecot.   Server is running great as are Sendmail
and Dovecot but Dovecot only allows connections from the CentOS
I can telnet localhost pop3 and get a +OK Dovecot ready response.  Trying
to telnet from a different computer on same LAN times out.  I've looked at
my old Dovecot config files to see how I enabled LAN IP access but the
configs have changed a lot since I last installed Dovecot.  Googling hasn't
helped.  Anyone help with a sample config with LAN IPs permitted?
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