2.3.1 Replication is throwing scary errors

Remko Lodder remko at FreeBSD.org
Thu Jun 7 08:34:58 EEST 2018

> On 7 Jun 2018, at 07:21, Reuben Farrelly <reuben-dovecot at reub.net> wrote:
> Still not quite right for me.
> Jun  7 15:11:33 thunderstorm.reub.net dovecot: doveadm: Error: dsync(lightning.reub.net): I/O has stalled, no activity for 600 seconds (last sent=mail, last recv=mail (EOL))
> Jun  7 15:11:33 thunderstorm.reub.net dovecot: doveadm: Error: Timeout during state=sync_mails (send=mails recv=recv_last_common)
> I'm not sure if there is an underlying replication error or if the message is just cosmetic, though.
> Reuben


Admittedly I have had a few occurences of this behaviour as well last night. It happens more sporadic now and seems to be a conflict with my user settings. (My users
get added twice to the system, user-domain.tld and user at domain.tld <mailto:user at domain.tld>, both are being replicated, the noreplicate flag is not yet honored in the version I am using so I cannot
bypass that yet).

I do see messages that came on the other machine on the machine that I am using to read these emails. So replication seems to work in that regard (where it obviously
did not do that well before).


> On 7/06/2018 4:55 AM, Remko Lodder wrote:
>> Hi Timo,
>> Yes this seems to work fine so far. I’ll ask the people to add it to the current FreeBSD version..
>> Cheers
>> Remko
>>> On 6 Jun 2018, at 19:34, Timo Sirainen <tss at iki.fi <mailto:tss at iki.fi>> wrote:
>>> Should be fixed by https://github.com/dovecot/core/commit/a952e178943a5944255cb7c053d970f8e6d49336

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