new problem

Alexander Dalloz ad+lists at
Thu Jun 14 22:56:44 EEST 2018

Am 14.06.2018 um 20:22 schrieb Walter Ulmke:
> In an attempt to find out what the problem is I have now done the 
> following:
> installed dovecot on my laptop
> my data is mounted per NFS
> started Thunderbird
> I get exectly the same messages
> I then copied my data onto a local partition of my hard drive laptop
> and mount this as my $HOME
> The reasoning behind this: eliminte any problems coming from NFS.
> Again - the same error messages.
> Most worrying is that when I fire up Thunderbird I get:
> SERVERBUG internal error
> -- 
>   --
> Best Regards, Walter Ulmke

You run a security layer like SELinux?

And forget about whatever error message the MUA spits out, read the 
dovecot log output and fix what it reports. It is not a dovecot bug 
(serverbug) anyhow.


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