Sharing Mailbox between users using IMAP

Remko Lodder remko at
Fri Jun 29 10:49:09 EEST 2018

> On 29 Jun 2018, at 09:42, Luca Bertoncello <lucabert at> wrote:
> Hi list!
> I have an account (let's say info at that should be read from more people.
> These people does NOT have an account on the server.
> Currently info at is a forward to their addresses, but of course this solution has a huge problem: if info@ receives spam that the server does not recognize, the server forwards spam...
> Now I want to solve this problem and I had the idea to change info@ from "forward" to "local account".
> Then, I can read the E-Mails via IMAP.
> Now the question: if I have 5-6 people accessing the account via IMAP, has Dovecot (2.2.13 from Debian repositories) problems?
> Is there other solution, if the users don't want to have an account on the server?
> Thanks a lot for your suggestion
> Luca Bertoncello
> (lucabert at

Emails can only be read if they are authenticated / authorized in someway to access the store. That means you might need to share the info@ credentials with the other
people so that they can read it over imap or webmail etc.

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