Looking into a solution for Caldav (and possibly carddav) support

Mihai Badici mihai at badici.ro
Sat Jun 30 08:13:19 EEST 2018


The metadata support in dovecot is now quite stable ( at least i didn't
encountered problems on my servers )

But the metadata is only about marking the folders ( you can mark a
folder as "calendar" or "contact").

caldav/carddav are based on webdav protocol, so normally you need an web
server to publish them.

In kolab there is iRony as web application.

I can confirm you can use dovecot ( instead of cyrus) but is not trivial
and I didn't know much about the compatibility for shared calendars.

The requests I had are mainly regarding contacts ( it depends on the
type of organization you serve) .

So, it is possible but it is not about dovecot alone but it's an entire
ecosystem ( and that's normal). I think implementing webdav directly in
dovecot is somehow reinventing the wheel..

On 06/30/2018 03:06 AM, Nathan Coulson wrote:
> We have an existing Dovecot/Postfix/Roundcube email solution, which I
> was hoping to add Caldav (and carddav?) support to, with the goal of
> 3rd party email clients being able to keep contacts and calendars in
> sync (as well as having the same information in roundcube)
> In doing research, I came across traces of it being considered for
> Dovecot at one time
> (https://www.dovecot.org/list/dovecot/2015-September/101996.html), and
> I was wondering where this went.
> Specifically,
> https://www.dovecot.org/list/dovecot/2015-September/101997.html seemed
> to hint that metadata support was a prerequisite for this (mainstream
> as of the email), and I was wondering if this meant there was
> potentially a solution built on top of this.
> Thank you

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