Issue with LMTP proxying and port number

Stephan Bosch stephan at
Sun Jan 6 18:00:38 EET 2019

Op 06/01/2019 om 11:50 schreef Stephan Bosch:
> Op 31/12/2018 om 23:59 schreef Steven Craig:
>> Hello there,
>> Everything was working fine on Dovecot 2.2.10 (on CentOS 7), but 
>> after updating to version 2.2.36, our director servers are not able 
>> to proxy LMTP.
>> We are sending mail from exim to the local Dovecot LMTP socket, which 
>> then used to send it to our internal mail servers on port 24.
>> Besides the update, nothing has changed in the config files. The 
>> configuration has been working great for months … Then we had a great 
>> idea of doing holiday maintenance.
>> (Currently, we are working around this issue by having exim send mail 
>> to the IP and port, instead of the socket.)
>> Doing a tcpdump capture shows no TCP traffic either.  The logs seem 
>> to say that it is trying to go to port 0, so my guess is that it’s 
>> not getting the port directive from either static or sql — since the 
>> docs state that if these settings aren't specified, it will always 
>> use the same connection type for the proxy that it received the 
>> connection on.
>> Any thoughts?  I can share config if necessary.
> Yes, output from `dovecot -n` could be helpful.
> Also a literal dump of those errors in the log could help.

Never mind, I can reproduce it here, even with master.

We'll get back to you.



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