Proxy testing in container( chown failed /var/dovecot/login)

Marc Roos M.Roos at
Mon Nov 11 16:30:34 EET 2019


I managed to work around this by putting these in the Dockerfile

(umask 027 ; mkdir /var/dovecot/login) && chown $DOVECOT_USER.dovenull 
(umask 027 ; mkdir /var/dovecot/token-login) && chown 
$DOVECOT_USER.dovenull /var/dovecot/token-login

But now I am stuck with this socket
 service(ipc): chown(/var/dovecot/login/ipc-proxy,

Is there a way around this?

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Subject: RE: Proxy testing in container( chown failed 

I added this to the 10-master imap-login, pop3-login and 
submission-login, but keep this message

Doveconf still lists imap-urlauth-login with chroot = token-login, also 
when changing this one to chroot = the error persists.

Fatal: fchown() failed for /var/dovecot/login: Operation not permitted

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Subject: Re: Proxy testing in container( chown failed

You should probably disable chrooting for login services if you are 
running as non-root...

service imap-login {

 chroot =



On 11.11.2019 14.59, Marc Roos via dovecot wrote:
> I am testing a bit with the proxy, and trying to run dovecot as a 
> normal user. (with cap bind_service). I was wondering what the minimum 

> configuration is for running like a proxy.
> I am now getting issues like unable to chown on /var/dovecot/login, 
> but I do not need this in such a setup do I?
> passdb {
>   driver = static
>   args = proxy=y host= nopassword=y }

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