http API for IMAP

Daniel Miller dmiller at
Fri Nov 15 21:34:47 EET 2019

On 11/13/2019 11:59 PM, Thomas Güttler via dovecot wrote:
> Am 13.11.19 um 17:21 schrieb Ralph Seichter via dovecot:
>> * Thomas Güttler via dovecot:
> AFAIK you can't sent a link/URL to a mail on a shared folder to a friend.
> Like "Hi  bob, she loves me. See this message from here https:/...../"
> Regards,
>    Thomas Güttler

Actually - why not? It doesn't seem that difficult (at an abstract 
level) to implement such with available tools. PHP has built-in support 
for IMAP - so creating an interface that maps HTTP URI's to IMAP 
commands doesn't look too bad.

I might even suggest leveraging existing platforms like Nextcloud - 
instead of creating a whole new authentication, authorization, 
processing, and presentation framework you'd "simply" write a Nextcloud 
add-on that publishes IMAP folders/messages in whatever manner you 
prefer. Nextcloud already provides for file-sharing - so I see this as a 
good fit.


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