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Sun Nov 24 15:43:33 EET 2019

How do I check the standard script then on this port 5001 from the 
command line?

This one of alpine linux also does not have it yet
bash-5.0# dovecot --version (3c910f64b)

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Yes. The passthrough option is rather new. 


	On 24/11/2019 15:28 Marc Roos via dovecot < dovecot at> 

	I think I already have that, I am having this configured 

	service health-check { 
	# this is the default configuration using the simple PING->PONG 
	# example health-check. 
	executable = script -p /bin/ 
	inet_listener health-check { 
	port = 5001 

	bash-5.0# /bin/ 
	HTTP/1.1 200 OK 
	Connection: keep-alive 


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	Your health check script should implement HTTP protocol. Then you 
	use passthrough mode and use cURL. 

	The provided script does not speak HTTP. 


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	I am not understanding how this health check[1] script should work. 

	the commandline it works fine when I type a PING I get a PONG. But 
	do I do a curl to this 5001 port? 

	Tried something like this: 

	bash-5.0# curl http://localhost:5001/ 
	curl: (56) Recv failure: Connection reset by peer 

	bash-5.0# curl http://localhost:5001/PING 
	curl: (56) Recv failure: Connection reset by peer 


	Aki Tuomi 

Aki Tuomi

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