Using dovecot Replication in a medium to large enterprise.

Brent Clark brentgclarklist at
Thu Nov 28 09:35:50 EET 2019

Good day Guys

Just wanted to pick the communities brain and experience(s) for a second.

At $CORP where I work. My team has inherited a single server mail solution.

We need to look to building a standby / replicated solution.

One of the things we were looking at is

We have in excess of +/- 500 mail boxes and using just under 1TB of disk 
space. That is a lot of small files.

Reading about this plugin / module, things that stick out and is 
concerning is the comments:

"The replication in general is a bit resource intensive, so it's not 
recommended to be used in multi-million user installations."

"WARNING: Shared folder replication doesn't work correctly right now –"

I would like to ask the community (and anyone else in a similar 
enterprise) how and if this solution works and scales.

In short, I am asking, is anyone else using Dovecot Replication in a 
medium to large enterprise?
Can you please share your experiences, pitfalls and if you have any tips 
managing mail replication.

Kindest regards and thanks in advance.
Brent Clark

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