IMAP Migration Tools

Sami Ketola Sami.Ketola at
Thu Nov 28 22:29:31 EET 2019

> On 28 Nov 2019, at 17.47, Julian Kippels via dovecot <dovecot at> wrote:
> Hi,
> I am looking for tools to migrate Mails from one IMAP-Server to
> another. Until now I have always used imapsync, but it seems very
> slow. Even over a 2x10GB/s connection I only get speeds of about
> 600KiB/s, because the programm always pauses betweeen every single
> mail.
> Does anyone here have a suggestion for an alternative?

We use dovecot dsync for migration on our customer projects. 
It is fast with enough parallelism and we have been able to saturate 10Gbps links.
Also it is the only sync tool available that syncs all data including pop3 uidls.


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