Error: Mailbox INBOX: Sync failed

Jos Chrispijn dovecot_ml at
Wed Dec 2 11:20:04 EET 2020

Op 24-11-20 om 12:46 schreef Jos Chrispijn:

> Just saw in my logfile this line appeared:
> imap(xxxxxx)<56614><CMMJw9i0aoBSsH9H>: Error: Mailbox INBOX: Sync failed 
> for mbox: Expunged message reappeared to mailbox (UID 174550 < 174552, 
> seq=11, idx_msgs=9)
> Looks like messages' UIDs are mixed up?
> I thought that if Dovecot sees broken X-UID headers for "new" messages, 
> they're silently fixed?
> Can you tell how I can correct this error/warning? Thanks!

Anyone have a suggestion? Aki?

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