Any RPMs for aarch64 available?

Peter Cooper Jr. pete-dovecotmailinglist at
Fri Dec 4 16:02:03 EET 2020

On 12/4/20 4:29 AM, David Pottage wrote:

> On 2020-12-03 21:41, Peter Cooper Jr. wrote:
>> Hey, I really appreciate Dovecot being available with standard repos
>> in I'm currently using the "CentOS 7" one on Amazon
>> Linux 2 and it works great for x86_64.
>> I'm wondering if there are any plans for also providing arm builds
>> (aarch64) at some point? Or if they're available somewhere else
>> already? I may play around with compiling things myself, but just
>> downloading an official package is generally the easier way to go so I
>> thought it couldn't hurt to ask.
> It won't help you for CentOS, but the Debian project includes Arm64
> (AKA aarch64) as one of their standard supported processor architectures
> and dovecot is one of their many standard supported packages. eg:
> Is Arm64/aarch64 an official supported architecture in CentOS? If so I 
> would
> look in the standard repositories for dovecot packages. If not then I 
> would
> suggest that it is not a good idea to use an unsupported Disto/Arch combo
> unless you are very familiar with building everything from source.

Well, I'm actually on Amazon Linux 2, which is similar to (but isn't 
quite the same as) RHEL/CentOS 7. Dovecot *is* in the standard packages, 
but it's version 2.2.36-6.amzn2.1 and I was hoping to be on the latest 
Dovecot 2.3 (which is what I'm doing now on my x86_64 server by just 
adding to my repo list). But maybe I should just stick 
with what's built-in as you suggest if I want to make my life easier.

I'm not afraid of building from source, and in fact am already working 
on doing that for Postfix. (And then I can get really crazy by trying to 
link it against Openssl 1.1.1 rather than the the 1.0.2 that's on the 
system by default.) I might just try building my own rpms (as a learning 
experience for myself if nothing else), but it looks like under the 
source RPMs in it 
only has dovecot and dovecot-imaptest but not dovecot-pigeonhole, so it 
may be even more of an adventure than I thought.

Is the process that makes RPMs for the site a part of 
the public Github somewhere? I can't find it there (though maybe I'm 
just not looking in the right place). I'd like to reference it at the 
very least if I could to see if I could replicate it for aarch64.

Thanks everybody for your thoughts!

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