How to reset / remove all replicator users

Ralf Becker rb at
Fri Dec 4 21:43:59 EET 2020

After creating a new replication pair, it was started with an old sqlite 
userdb, we use for iteration / replication.

The situation was quickly resolved by generating a new sqlite userdb, as 
it is done hourly anyway.

Unfortunately I can not get ride of all access users from the replication:

/ # doveadm replicator status
Queued 'sync' requests        0
Queued 'high' requests        0
Queued 'low' requests         0
Queued 'failed' requests      0
Queued 'full resync' requests 14
Waiting 'failed' requests     1
Total number of known users   724

/ # doveadm user '*'|wc -l

The replication process creates again and again a lot (empty) mailboxes 
on both sides of the replication.

I tried the obvious with no avail:

/ # doveadm replicator remove '*'
Error: Replicator failed: User not found

I also tried restarting the pair one after the other, but it seems the 
users to replicate are somewhere persisted.

I'm also trying to delete the users from the newly created (empty) 
mailboxes, but the number of known users in "doveadm replicator status" 
is unchanged:

root:/var/dovecot/imap# for domain in $(ls -1 |grep -v|grep -v|grep -v rbz-); do for 
user in $domain/*; do echo "$(basename $user)@$domain"; doveadm 
replicator remove "$(basename $user)@$domain"; done; rm -rf $domain; done

Any idea what else I can do, or where the replication stores it's users?


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