Fts solr add fields message-id, date, in-reply-to

peacecop kalmer: pandeero at gmail.com
Mon Dec 7 03:21:19 EET 2020

I remember to have written a message to the list but maybe, it wasn't to 
the list but just the sender. Anyway, here it is:

"Can't you start using an environment where we can separate different 
topics and lessen mail traffic? I subscribed to the list because there 
was a problem with reading a certificate. I could solve it by manually 
changing the file permissions although that solution wasn't elegant. 
Nobody of creators of /dovecot/ did help. Now, I get lots of emails on 
topics that are irrelevant to me. Why do we put all that stuff into one 
bucket where we can't sort things?"

And yes, I did write it to Peter Cooper Jr. only hoping to get to the 
superior manager of this overwhelming list. He didn't respond. It didn't 
happen, so please respond to me and stop this spamming machine. I don't 
need to know how to set up an inconvenient environment or how to add 
fields or any segmentation faults but only the solution to my particular 
problem which is solved for now without your help guys. Or actually, it 
isn't solved, that was just a workaround. A not smart one. So please 
solve the problem because after all some of you have created this 
software. For the ones of you that can't find my initial message to the 
list, it was about /dovecot/ lurking for some certificates after an 
update making logging in into postfix impossible. I made fire by 
performing that workaround, can you guys make fire by making this all 
right by fixing your software or at least reasoning the anomaly.

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On 07.12.20 02:43, John Fawcett wrote:
> On 07/12/2020 00:22, michael1970 wrote:
>> Hi,
>> how can I add fields message-id, date, in-reply-to  to fts solr index like
>> hdr,body,subject or to?
>> Thanks, Michael
>> --
>> Sent from: http://dovecot.2317879.n4.nabble.com/
> Hi Michael
> I don't think you have to do anything specific. I did a very standard
> setup following the Dovecot documentation and I can search on any of
> those fields. What issue are you seeing?
> John
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