Dovecot+Solr+Tika segmentation fault

Manuel Josupeit-Walter dj_delinquent at
Mon Dec 7 10:41:25 EET 2020

>>>> (DOV-4090)
>>>> Scheduled for 2.3.13.
>>> I applied the fix and will observe it for the next couple of days.
>> Unfortunately, the issue still persists even with this patch. The log
>> message is slightly different, though, regarding disconnection.
>> Dec 03 17:10:49 kernel: indexer-worker[15805]: segfault at 0 ip 00007f140483db64 sp 00007ffc04fa7960 error 4 in[7f14047f3000+db000]
>> It seems that there is something else going wrong in this version.
> This is a segfault, while the fix was for an assert crash, so it's a different issue. Can you get a gdb backtrace of the crash? Otherwise we can't debug it further. See[]

I will try to. However, it will take some time, though, because I need to make it work in a Docker container (sysctl and read-only filesystem). I will get back to you will details as soon as possible.

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