Standalone Directors

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Fri Dec 11 10:30:00 EET 2020

Ah, I completely missed this! Thank you!

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Date: 12/11/20 09:14
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Subject: Re: Standalone Directors

> On 11/12/2020 10:08 William Edwards <wedwards at> wrote:
> Situation:
> We will be switching to Dovecot proxy + Director with three email clusters - each cluster will host different email domains and users - with CephFS storage.
> Problem:
> A Director instance has one 'director_mail_servers' setting, meaning I could only use one set of email servers, while the set of email servers in the cluster depends on the client's domain. (The reason I use Dovecot proxy is so people can use the same IMAP/POP/SMTP hostnames; regardless of which email server / email cluster they're hosted on.)
> Question:
> Is it possible to set 'director_mail_servers' based on the client's email domain?
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> William Edwards

Director supports tags. You could use these I guess.


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