fyi: please change /var/run to /run in debian buster repository

Michael Orlitzky michael at
Sat Dec 12 17:24:11 EET 2020

On 12/12/20 10:07 AM, Michael wrote:
> in the file
>  /lib/systemd/system/dovecot.service
> the line
>  PIDFile=/var/run/dovecot/
> to
>  PIDFile=/run/dovecot/

Not that it matters for systemd, but in general, both /var/run and /run
should be replaced by @runstatedir@ which can then be replaced at
build-time by the appropriate value from ./configure --runstatedir.

That allows a single file to work on both Linux and BSD.

The runstatedir support is part of the official autoconf-2.70 release.

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