Putting UIDL value into X-UIDL: header

Süleyman Düzdaban Suleyman.Duzdaban at ankara.edu.tr
Sun Dec 13 11:49:44 EET 2020


Is there any way to put UIDL value into X-UIDL: header with Dovecot or 
As stated in https://wiki2.dovecot.org/Migration page QPopper can do that.

I'm asking this for preventing clients who are using POP to re-download 
messages and making future migrations easy.
I can really benefit from inserting UIDL values even only for the new 
messages from now on, but if there is any way to put it into all 
messages in all mailboxes (Maildir) I would be grateful for that too.

Dovecot version: 2.3.8 (9df20d2db)

Thanks in advance.

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