Outlook with Dovecot

Elise dovecot_ml at cloudzeeland.nl
Sun Dec 13 17:22:11 EET 2020

Op 12-12-20 om 17:20 schreef Elise:

> dovecot-
> Providing the correct email address and password.

I think the origin of this issue is caused by Outlook itself.
Setting up a new account in Outlook, one has to provide an email address 
instead of a user name. With using BSD usermanager, adding a user named 
'ilse at mydomain.com' is converted automatically to user 'ilse'.

I am not expecting that Microsoft will solve this issue on short term 
though. Will stick with Thunderbird (as I already planned) but how nice 
it would be to make Outlook my backup mail client with 

Best, E.

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