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On Sun, 13 Dec 2020 at 18:22, Elise <dovecot_ml at cloudzeeland.nl> wrote:

> Op 12-12-20 om 17:20 schreef Elise:
> > dovecot-
> > Providing the correct email address and password.
> I think the origin of this issue is caused by Outlook itself.
> Setting up a new account in Outlook, one has to provide an email address
> instead of a user name. With using BSD usermanager, adding a user named
> 'ilse at mydomain.com' is converted automatically to user 'ilse'.
> I am not expecting that Microsoft will solve this issue on short term
> though. Will stick with Thunderbird (as I already planned) but how nice
> it would be to make Outlook my backup mail client with
> IMAP/Dovecot/Postfix...
> Best, E.

Elise, your problem is simple.
And yes, I am a *BSD diehard for donkey years.
You want to setup a system that handles virtual users.
The BSD usermanager creates system accounts (/etc/passwd) and those cannot
be made to be user at domain by default, although Dovecot authenticating
system users and concatenating the domain is possible.
So what you need to focus on is whether you want to authenticate system
users or virtual users. Read Postfix docs about this.
For Dovecot, it is easy. Just look at the passdb and userdb configs and
Dovecot will do whatever you decide from the above choices. It can actually
do both - and many!
I have a system where dovecot authenticates system accounts and
vurtual accounts (MySQL and SambaAD) .
I am an Exim user though.

Best regards,
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