Disallow acces via imap, but keep lmtp running

Jens Urban Jens.Urban at freenet.ag
Wed Dec 16 11:36:09 EET 2020

Hi Julian,

For migration solution in production I wrote a big Script that, the main steps (in this mail without error handling):

1.) Copy the complete user account to the new box by rsync (rysnc is faster than doveadm backup).
2.) Update new destination in a loop (min=2, max=10, retry on error 75): doveadm backup -u $USER tcp:${NEW_MBOX}:${DADM_PORT}
3.) Change LDAP to new destination and kick user on old box.
4.) Call a latest sync for possible new mails on old box:  doveadm sync -1  u $USER tcp:${NEW_MBOX}:${DADM_PORT}"

The Script has migrate millions of accounts in production. I use "parallel" to optimize the runtime.


>    Hi all,
>    what is the best way to temporarily disable access to a mailbox via
>    imap, but keep it possible to deliver to the mailbox via lmtp?
>   I want to migrate some mailboxes around and would like to ensure that
>    the users cannot access their mail while doing so.
>    I would like to keep the users from logging in entirely rather than
>    setting ACLs.
>    Thanks in advance
>    Julian

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