migration from 2.0.16

Barbara M. barbara at rfx.it
Thu Dec 17 16:56:45 EET 2020

On Thu, 17 Dec 2020, Marc Roos wrote:

> I would not choose centos 8 it has EOL < than centos7. IBM is pulling
> the plug on the centos distribution, and makes it more or less a beta
> for the rhel. Thus centos7 and then you have a few years to decide what
> to choose. Enough to go to full containerized eg. ;)

We own the servers and use CT (LXC).
The IBM move is clear, but going to C7 today seems to me not a good 
It is in its descending stage and in a couple of years packages are going 
to became very outdated.
If RH8 remain "open source" I suppose the community or some interested 
medium level company that use CentOS for their business can became a new 
CentOS and switch to a different named distro is supposed to be only a 
question of replace repositories.
That seems to me a smoother path (IMHO).
Debian 10 is EOL on 2022
Ubuntu LTS seems a solution, but I hadn't ever used it (I may be wrong, 
but in the past Canonical don't inspire me to much trust).

Other options (not too "exotic")?

> You do not need to rsync, dovecot can sync messages. I am just in the
> process of migrating a server from a different network to a different
> mailbox format.
> My approach was to create an 'archive' namespace on shared slower but
> distributed storage so I do not have to move to much data.

I am studying the situation, but there are many variables and the old age 
of the source server probably meke it more complex.
And I am not a dovecot expert ...

Thanks, B.

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