migration from 2.0.16

infoomatic infoomatic at gmx.at
Thu Dec 17 17:55:32 EET 2020

On 17.12.20 15:56, Barbara M. wrote:
> We own the servers and use CT (LXC).
> The IBM move is clear, but going to C7 today seems to me not a good
> choice. It is in its descending stage and in a couple of years
> packages are going to became very outdated.
> If RH8 remain "open source" I suppose the community or some interested
> medium level company that use CentOS for their business can became a
> new CentOS and switch to a different named distro is supposed to be
> only a question of replace repositories.
> That seems to me a smoother path (IMHO).
> Debian 10 is EOL on 2022
> Ubuntu LTS seems a solution, but I hadn't ever used it (I may be
> wrong, but in the past Canonical don't inspire me to much trust).
Maybe Rocky Linux will become a drop-in replacement for CentOS, see
https://rockylinux.org/ - it is led by the founder of CentOS and was
initated after the recent news concerning CentOS.

If it does not have to be Linux I'll throw in FreeBSD + jails (= system
level containers) as a recommendation. After quite some problems with
major upgrades on Ubuntu I moved some of the servers to FreeBSD and now
I am happy. (Going from one Debian stable to the next Debian stable also
turned out to work much better than going from one Ubuntu LTS to the
next Ubuntu LTS version ... but that is just my personal experience on <
50 servers)

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